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True luxury lives in the heart of every Mary Jane robe.

We believe a robe should wrap you in wellness, gentle comfort, and serenity. In its most personal form, your robe offers a reprieve from life's stresses, encloses you with a sense of sanctuary, and becomes an intimate part of you and your happiness.

The Hope Collection

Inspired by the demand for patient privacy, modesty, and dignity, the Hope Collection offers a compassionate option specifically for medically related uses. Hope robes and bed jackets fuse mood-lifting fashion with sensible accommodation for medical devices, testing, and patient care.

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The Scruples Collection

Our most luxurious line,the Scruples Collection features ultra sumptuous styling with designer embellishments. Buttery soft fabrics create irresistible cozy comfort, and pairs perfectly with Mary Jane’s fashions for the ultimate inself-indulgence.

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The Melody Collection

A harmony of fashion + form + function. The Melody Collection features custom quilted, hypoallergenic terry-cloth, or chamois cotton fabrics designed to be custom-fitted unlike any other robe available. Remarkably soft and supple, pure contentment awaits you.

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Comfort, Fashion, & Honest Functionality

Mary Jane Luxury Robes start with only the richest, purest fabrics hand-selected as the foundation and adornment for each exquisite design. Every detail — and there are many — is carefully considered and incorporated to blend optimum comfort with chic functionality. And only the Mary Jane brand carries the signature "heart" that assures goodness and quality in every robe.

Mary finds inspiration for her designs and patterns in all facets of her life, from frequent travels to Europe, to classic artist's, to Milan's modern fashion trends. The silhouettes for her robes are born from her own creative lifestyle that combines bold unique modern prints with casual chic functionality. Slipping into a Mary Jane luxury robe is like entering a world of calm, confidence and quiet courage — because there's nothing more beautiful than a woman being herself.

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